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I had the privilege of working closely with SSVFX and Marlowe's talented team, under the experienced guidance of Neil Jordan, to bring to the screen the magic of Los Angeles in the 1930s and the golden era of Hollywood Boulevard in all its glory. From meticulous research and preliminary sketching, to modeling 3D layouts and finalizing designs, I supported the team every step of the way and I am proud to present some of the most interesting highlights of our work.

One of the key elements that required design work was the panoramic view of LA seen by Marlowe's office, which serves as the first shot of the film and is the first glimpse into the story's tone and look.

Detective Marlowe's office enjoys a northwestern view of a section of Hollywood Boulevard running between Wilcox Ave and Cahuenga Blvd. As a major thoroughfare of Los Angeles, this bustling street has remained a major hub of activity to the present day. One of its main landmarks was the Warner Hollywood Theater, today called the Hollywood Pacific Theater, a historic beaux arts gem designed by Albert Lansburgh in the mid-1920s. Its twin radio transmitter towers soar over the surroundings as an iconic feature of the boulevard's skyline.  Bringing to the screen the authentic ambiance and unique details of such an iconic period was no obvious task and a meticulous and extensive process of research and reference collection was paramount in guiding the overall art direction. From billboards, cars, streetcars to costumes and decorations, each detail was carefully crafted to bring the digital environment to life.

The task at hand was not just to merely recreate a faithful representation of Hollywood Boulevard during the 1930s but to shape the digital environment around the storytelling requirements and the physical set. The idea was for Marlowe's office to be located on a highrise building overlooking the city while also providing a glimpse into the windows of the opposite facade, which was modeled after the The Title Guarantee and Trust Building located in a different part of LA. This specific arrangement required bespoke adjustments to the environment's layout, like adjusting the height of specific buildings and the sun's altitude, in order to enhance the overall composition and photography. Sketching was the preferred way to swiftly and efficiently go through many different iterations with the client.

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