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When the opportunity to design permanent installations and experiences in the new Bernabeu stadium presented itself, Balich Wonder Studio was ready to answer the call.

The plan for the new stadium was nothing short of ambitious as clearly encapsulated in the words of Florentino Perez "A setting full of emotions that will define Real Madrid's future, the greatest stadium in the world."

 Having the opportunity to collaborate with Balich and the extraordinary Francisco Negrin was a gift and the final result of the team's hard work and dedication speaks volumes



The plan was to develop an extensive installation on the highest tier of the stadium, showing the history of Real Madrid through his players. 

And what could be better suited to make the visitors feel part of the glorious spirit of the club than by letting them walk along with some of the best players in the history of the team.  

The logic driving the installation was to deconstruct the lateral walls of the upper terrace and make the sculptures of the players gradually emerge from the stone. We studied the deconstruction process in depth and experimented with different methodologies driving the emergence of the sculptures from the walls.


The installation with the players' sculptures eventually leads the visitor to a beautiful lounge overlooking the field. The structure of the lounge is covered by a mesmerizing carpet of azulejos, offering the bewildered visitor a unique blend of traditional art reinterpreted into a uniquely contemporary fashion.


The azulejos deconstruct into a plethora of hundreds of colorful polygons, making the space more vibrant and exciting. This deconstruction process recalls the one tested in the previous installation, thereby creating a sophisticated sense of visual continuity across spaces.

Several other installations and attractions have been conceived throughout the design process, like the trophy room and an exciting elevator attraction that makes the experience for the visitors all the more unforgettable! 

Every place, every experience, had to be as interactive as possible and to drive the story-telling element that is so important to the club's sense of narrative. 
Walking through the tunnels of the stadium the visitors feel like they are part of the story. The floors activate and in a second they are walking along side their heroes, following their footprints towards victory. 

The long standing collaboration with Balich Wonder Studio has brought to light a series of successful experiences through the years. One of the most interesting is the conception and development of an enchanting immersive experience in a beautiful park on the fringes of Milan. The visitors are invited along a mesmerizing journey through enchanted woods, bioluminescent greenhouses and many more extraordinary installations.


The whole park is divided into 4 main areas, each one revolving around one natural element: fire, water, air and earth. The itinerary is dotted with the most mesmerizing installations. The installations are defined by the natural element of each area, conferring a distinctive and unique character to each section of the itinerary through the park. 


The park works on two levels, day and night, light and darkness. Each installation has a sculptural configuration which enriches the itinerary with its shape, silhouette and physical presence. At night the installations awaken, using light to add new unexpected layers to their anatomy. The park comes to life and ushers in a spectacle of light and magic, gifting the bewildered visitors with an unforgettable experience.  

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