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Francesco's dream is taking architecture beyond its traditional confines, where effective logic and extraordinary imagination coalesce creating new, uncharted worlds. A unique blend of architecture and storytelling that never ceases to amaze.

The result is a wide range of works and ideas, spanning films, metaverse, television, commercials, theme parks, videogames and architectural projects, basically any undertaking where Architecture plays a pivotal role.

For Francesco designing worlds and spaces is not simply about coming up with a set of shining images but rather about studying his architectures in depth, with a keen eye to detail, function and internal logic.
Francesco's bespoke workflow implements a wide range of techniques, from sketches, to photomanipulation, to a full 3D pipeline ranging from basic layouts down to finalized renders.

With many years of study in Architecture, Design and Visual effects, and with a long career that brought him to many different places, from the golden shores of LA to the huge studios of London, Francesco is not just about creating beautiful places, but about the story told through them.

Some of Francesco's credits include:

major blockbusters and tv series (Game of Thrones, Ready Player One, several Disney's remakes), commercials (Pepsi Superbowl 2020), metaverse projects (Meta Quest's Gaming Showcase 2023) and theme park rides (Wanda's Pearl Quest). On projects requiring a particular eye for complex architectural development Francesco likes to team up with the talented M. Valentina Cosani (M.Arch).

Profile Eicon Design Fcr.jpg

Emmy Awards Winner: Outstanding Special Visual Effects for Game of Thrones season 4 (2013)

Art Directors Guild Nominee: Excellence in Production Design Award for Ready Player One (2018)

Should you wish to discuss any forthcoming projects, please do not hesitate to contact us

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